What are motorcycle tires?

What are Motorcycle Tires?

Here is the definition of motorcycle tires from Wikipedia: 

Motorcycle tires (tires in American English) are the outer part of motorcycle wheels, attached to the rims, providing traction, resisting wear, absorbing surface irregularities, and allowing the motorcycle to turn via countersteering. The two tires’ contact patches are the motorcycle’s connection to the ground, and so are fundamental to the motorcycle’s suspension behavior, and critically affect safety, braking, fuel economy, noise, and rider comfort.

In this definition, firstly, a motorcycle tire is the outer part of a motorcycle wheel attached to the rim.

Secondly, motorcycle tires have the following features:

  • providing traction
  • resisting wear
  • absorbing surface irregularities
  • allowing to turn via countersteering

Thirdly, the motorcycle tire is fundamental for a motorcycle to affect safety, braking, fuel economy, and rider comfort.
We all know what a motorcycle tire looks like, so as the manufacture of motorcycle tires, we mainly want to talk about the features and the functions of the motorcycle tires.
Of course, there is no doubt that motorcycle tires are round. But there are so many different patterns even for the same size. I’ll show you as follows:

This picture shows there are many patterns for the size 3.00-17

The features of motorcycle tires are mainly determined by the material of motorcycle tires. The formula of motorcycle tires is more complicated, including more than 20 kinds of materials. Each material has different characteristics. Among them, the largest proportion is natural rubber and synthetic rubber. There are also auxiliary materials such as zinc oxide and reinforcing materials such as carbon black, and so on.
If the formula ratio is reasonable, then the tire characteristics will be perfectly displayed. It can provide tires with stronger traction, stronger wear resistance, and a smoother driving experience. Otherwise, it will cause hidden dangers to the driver’s safety. So our factory always puts product quality first.

About motorcycle tires function, it mainly depends on the structure of the tires. As you all know, most motorcycle tires are bias tires. Therefore, the cord layer is the skeleton structure of motorcycle tires. Here, I want to correct a common sense error first. In the past, the tire cords were made of cotton thread, so how many layers of cords were generally equivalent to how many PRs(Ply Rating). However, with the upgrading of the materials for making cords, the cords are now made of nylon thread, and it is greatly improved the heat resistance and tensile strength of the cord. Now the strength of nylon thread is at least twice than cotton thread. Therefore, the basic 3-layer cord of motorcycle tires can be used as 6PR. At present, most motorcycle tires on the market are based on this standard. Because the tires generate a lot of heat when the motorcycle is running, and the cotton cord is thicker and is not conducive to heat dissipation, so it is basically eliminated.

Nylon curtain cord

The cut of the curtain wiring is shown here.

Motorcycle tires are very important to motorcycles and are the basis for the safe driving of motorcycles. Similarly, materials and structures are also the basis of motorcycle tires. Good motorcycle tires are not only wear-resistant and impact-resistant but also economical and comfortable, which can give the driver a good driving experience. We,Qingdao Zhengya Rubber Industrial CO., LTD,  have been committed to the production of cost-effective motorcycle tires, allowing consumers to get a better experience of driving.


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